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Austrian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Technology Assessment

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The Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) is a research facility of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, a publicly funded independent research organisation. ITA studies the implications of new technology on the environment, economy, and society. The researchers conduct interdisciplinary technology studies with three aims: 1) to better understand the interplay between technology and society from multiple perspectives; 2) to concomitantly analyse technology development; and 3) to contribute to socially responsible technology policy by advising policymakers and society. The ITA works in particular for the EU (Commission and Parliament), the Austrian Parliament and ministries, and is also funded by national and international research funds. The research findings support policymakers, administration, and the general public in decision-making processes.

Project Manager | Michael Ornetzeder

Michael is a sociologist who conducts research on smart energy systems, sector integration, user and citizen innovation, sustainability experiments, and the societal implications of the energy transition.

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