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City of Lund


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As one of the oldest cities in Sweden, Lund is a place of contrasts where 1,000 years of history blend with modern knowledge and ideas. The University has a strong influence on Lund, with several university buildings located in the heart of the city. The combination of businesses, students and researchers from around the world has given birth to Lund’s unique character as a city of strong research-based and innovative global industries. The population in Lund has grown uninterrupted during the last century and today the population has surpassed 125,000. This rapid growth is putting significant pressure on the municipality to provide social services and new housing. At the same time, the city has aggressive environmental goals and achieved a 50% decrease in CO2 emissions from 1990 to 2018 (two years ahead of schedule).

Project Manager | Markus Paulsson

Markus is an energy strategist in the Department of Sustainable Growth at the City of Lund. He has worked with energy and environmental tasks at the City of Lund since 2011 and has extensive experience of working with energy related issues and with EU projects, including as demo site leader in FP7 project Cityfied and WP leader in the Horizon 2020 project ‘COOL DH’.

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