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DUSS bv was founded in 2019 and takes over the activities of the Department of Buildings and Sites of 3E nv. The company is a partnership between 3E nv, PREO bv, GuT-T bv and Impact Capital nv (Piet Colruyt), with a specific focus on designing and building sustainable and liveable built environments. DUSS implements a global sustainability vision in all of its projects that includes optimal integration of renewable energy, sustainable material choices, water neutrality, environmental impact and social inclusivity. This global sustainability vision is applied on a project-by-project basis and often involves global certification schemes (e.g., BREEAM, WELL).

Project Manager | Jo Huygh

Jo is co-founder and director of DUSS and shareholder of Abattoir SA. He has extensive experience in urban real estate projects and has been a consultant for Abattoir SA since 2007.

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