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ElectriCITY Innovation


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ElectriCITY Innovation is a citizens’ initiative in Hammarby Sjöstad, Sweden, with a goal to reduce the climate footprint in cooperation with companies, researchers, and the municipality of Stockholm. The aim is to work on a concept for how a city district can be climate neutral by 2030. ElectriCITY is an economic association and has about 70 leading companies, research institutions, and municipal administrations as members and partners in the organization. The initiative works in close cooperation with Sjöstadsföreningen (The Hammarby Sjöstad Housing Association) who represents about 13,000 citizens and has been working actively to engage the housing associations and residents in the district since 2012.

Project Manager | Jörgen Lööf

Jörgen is Chief Executive Officer at ElectriCITY, the innovation platform on a mission to a climate neutral Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0 by 2030. In this capacity he and his team is managing for this district its smart energy and sustainable transport in collaboration with companies, academia, authorities and citizens.

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