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FH Technikum Wien – University of Applied Science

Department of Renewable Energy

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The Department of Renewable Energy comprises 20 researchers who working on over 25 research projects on project management, decentralized energy generation and storage, renewable energy sources, sustainability and environmental assessment, development of energy technology and energy policy models, smart grids, and the planning of smart cities and quarters. The researchers are active in national and international organisations and associations including the Austrian Photovoltaics Technology Platform, the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme, and the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme. The department is involved in several Positive Energy Districts from energy engineering and social perspectives. For example, the demonstration project way2smart Korneuburg shows that energy-efficiency and energy-sufficiency measures can be reconciled with socially-compatible, affordable housing and living space as well as with eco-efficient mobility. Another project, Smart Cities Micro-Quarters, demonstrates possibilities for urban planning and urban quarter development with a view to creating a path to a low-carbon city with high quality of life and resilience while accounting for existing and proposed buildings, infrastructures and uses.

Project Manager | Thomas Zelger

Thomas is a leading building physics expert and is the City of Vienna’s endowed professor for energy efficient buildings and city quarters.


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