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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


Brussels | Belgium
Started in 2007, partly operational
10.5 ha

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Abattoir is a living lab of sustainability and a place where business, living, leisure & education meet. It is fuelled by renewable energy, rainwater harvesting & human connection and stretches over an area of 10.5 ha.

“The belly of Brussels” (a former slaughterhouse) has become a hub for start-ups in the food industry, answering the need for fresh & safe food in urban areas. As urban farming is closely interlinked with the availability of electricity/heat and water, the project partners want to further develop Abattoir in the direction of power farming where the production of food and energy are combined and reinforce each other. Insight in the energy streams and further digitalization are key.

Started in 2007, parts of the project are already implemented and in operation while others are still in the planning or developing phase, such as the slaughterhouse that will be rebuilt and operated as Manufakture or the residential spaces and offices that are part of the Kotmet project.

The Abattoir is run by Abattoir s.a., a service company that includes activities such as the construction and maintenance of buildings, the rental of spaces, the production and distribution of energy, the urban and environmental management of the site, the organization of markets, the cleaning of the premises and the organization of events. For the development of its sustainability programme, which is extended to every aspect of its activities, Abattoir is supported by DUSS-Explorers. Among others, Urban Harvest, Eclo and BIGH are concessionaires for the urban agriculture activities. Other partners include for instance Clean-Invest developing the solar park, Foodmet operating the food market, and Cultureghem asbl. developing the sociocultural activities.


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