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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


Lund | Sweden
Construction started 2014, partly operational, partly under development
220 ha

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Brunnshög is the City of Lund’s new neighbourhood and a place where the future is being created. This is done with the needs of those 40,000 people in mind who will live and work there by 2050. The project includes top-class facilities and laboratories alongside a dense and mixed urban environment with varied housing and lush parks, shops and schools, workplaces and services.

The vision is to become a world-leading environment for life, innovation, and research. This includes the city’s aim of producing more energy than it consumes. For this purpose, surplus heat generated by the two research facilities ESS and MAX IV will be used to power the world’s biggest low-temperature district heating system that is currently being built in Brunnshög. That way, the energy which would otherwise be wasted will be reused in an innovative and efficient way.

Brunnshög’s entire DNA is permeated by sustainability. This further includes huge investments in public transport and the construction of a new tramline between Lund C and ESS, an advanced, solar-powered pneumatic refuse collection system as well as a strong focus on parks and green spaces. Brunnshög is a place, where parks are built before the buildings and people can continue cultivating land, even as the urban landscape expands.

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