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Schwoich | Austria
Construction phase #1 of 3 completed
20 ha

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In the municipality of Schwoich, the Tyrolean Bodenfonds has acquired 20 ha for the development of a new district. The Tyrol-specific state institution hast set itself the goal of providing affordable housing to rural communities and strengthening rural areas. Over the next years, 33 distinctive houses with approx. 45 flats are being built according to the winning design of Kleboth and Dollnig, all blending harmoniously into the surrounding.

All houses are being built in timber construction with recycled cellulose being used as insulation material. The units are heated by geothermal heat pumps and further equipped with controlled ventilation including energy recovery. Solar cells on the roofs and part of the façades allow Sonnendorf residents to generate their own electricity or in case of a lower demand even a surplus of electricity.

In general, sustainability plays an important role in the project: While Sonnendorf is characterised by a high building density, it also provides unusually generous open public and green spaces. Together with a playground or the nearby forest, these green spaces offer meeting points for neighbours to connect with each other. A diversity of uses, living concepts, target groups and lifestyles will make Sonnendorf a liveable new neighbourhood.

For the realization of this ambitious project, the Sonnendorf GmbH was founded. Other project partners include the architecture firm Kleboth and Dollnig, the carpentry firm Lengauer-Stockner, Bierol, the landowner as well as the municipality of Schwoich and the province of Tyrol.


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